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“Learning yoga with Alice has saved me time and money and allowed me to make really rapid progress with my practice, which I didn't think I'd be able to do without going to a studio class every week.” Chris

“Charlie has taught me a yoga practice that I love to do, and that I can do whenever I want to. I travel a lot and by learning the sequence Charlie has customised for me, I know that I can keep up my yoga practice wherever I go. Charlie is incredibly encouraging and has helped me to develop my strength and flexibility.”  Helier

“My weekly yoga session with Charlie is always a welcome break after a stressful day. Every session is well-paced and challenging but with a real sense of fun!”  Jess

"I am in India thinking of you and all that you taught me the year I lived in London. I'm volunteering at an orphanage for girls aged 7-19 outside of Bangalore. I've been doing Yoga workshops with the older girls teaching them the basics of Yoga and some of the more advanced postures - arm balances, headstand practice, and backbends. They are so eager to learn. It's really fun. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you taught me!" Victoria

“Charlie’s teaching is dynamic and very assured. He has a tremendous knowledge of yoga practice which really shows, and he has worked with me in a collaborative way to help me improve my understanding of yoga” Lesley

"Charlie provides complete clarity in his teaching so that I understand completely how to work with my body, and what to do. I feel I can trust him and feel comfortable practicing with him, and he always manages to keep things fun and enjoyable, while still making sure I come away learning lots more." Vanessa

“Charlie’s approach is down-to-earth and practical and focused on making the student independent. It helps the student to focus on their general wellbeing through yoga.” Valentina

“Practicing with Alice was really helpful. I wasn't sure how I would be able to practice by myself afterwards, but Alice recorded our first few sessions together and sent me a copy to practice at home with. this gave me something to refer to and work with, and it really boosted my confidence and showed me that I could learn to practice yoga at home effortlessly.” Debbie

"Charlie's teaching is completely tailored to an individual's needs. You will receive more attention and learn more in an hour's private tuition with Charlie than you would in a month's worth of classes or group workshops with many other yoga teachers." Sarah