Charlie teaches a number of yoga techniques workshops in and around London each year and is also the history and philosophy of yoga teacher trainer on various yoga teacher training courses. More details are given below. 


Happy Hips two-hour workshop
Sweat Studios, Milton Keynes.
Saturday 10 November 12pm - 2pm.

Happy, healthy hips are key to having a happy back. With lower back pain an issue for a large number of people, your hips are an area of the body not to be neglected. The good news is your yoga classes will help, but having a greater depth of understanding of this area of your anatomy and the unique make up of your hips, will ensure that you are moving mindfully in your poses and making the most out of your time in class.

In this 2 hour workshop. Charlie will delve deeper into the anatomical makeup of the hips. He’ll look at the role they play in our lives today, sadly becoming weak, tight and neglected through long periods of sitting. You’ll learn techniques not to just open your hips, but also strengthen them, both of which are important in them functioning correctly.

So, if you’ve ever felt limited by your hips in a yoga pose, have suffered from lower back pain or simply want to learn more about this part of your anatomy, sign up. A session not be missed!


Early bird £25 (Until 30th Sept 2018)

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