getting the best from your private yoga lesson

Charlie Taylor-Rugman Private one-to-one yoga classes in London private yoga for men Marichyasana E

Your private yoga lesson is dedicated to your individual practice. We will work together to create a programme targeting your specific goals and aims.

Each lesson begins with an initial consultation to identify your needs, and develop a structure to help you build clear progress in your practice with each session.

Depending on your personal requirements, your private lesson may include pranayama (breathing exercises), posture practice and sequences, and an opportunity to explore advanced postures and breathing. As your practice evolves, you will be able to take your practice further, and expand your limits.

Investing in your practice - what you will get:

  • Personalised practice notes
  • MP3 recording of practice session (if appropriate)
  • Continued telephone support to help you develop
  • The ability to practice at any time and location that suits you, without the need to get to or find a class

Call Charlie now on 07952 153907 to find out more about booking a private lesson.